(Prices featured on all reviews were valid for the time of the review. Current prices at restaurants or on their websites may vary.)

118 Degrees
Amazing raw eats!
(reviewed 2/5/11)
Black Dog Coffee
Cool Mid-Wilshire eats and people-watching
(reviewed 5/9/10)
Bonnie B's Smokin Barbeque Heaven
100% vegetarian side dishes at a BBQ joint!
(reviewed 4/23/11)
Boraan Thai
Decent Beverly Hills Thai grub...
(reviewed 10/24/10)
Border Grill, Santa Monica
Go for happy hour, drinks, and desserts...
(reviewed 10/13/10)
Buffalo Wild Wings
What does a veggie eat at a place like this? (update, probably nothing...)
(reviewed 4/8/10)
Burger King
A veggie burger...and not much else.
(reviewed 4/9/09)
Cafe Rivva
100% organic vegan and vegetarian eats!
(updated! 12/6/10)
California Vegan
Yummy Thai and Chinese faux stuff...
(reviewed 7/14/09)
100% vegan cinnamon roll bakery!
(reviewed 8/24/10)
Ciudad (closed, now Border Grill)
High prices, but tasty and fresh veggie options.
(reviewed 6/14/10)
Cowboys and Turbans
AMAZING Indian-Mexican fusion in Silverlake...
(reviewed 4/30/11)
Vegan Mexican food exists! Get the taquitos, trust me.
(reviewed 11/23/11)
fresheast CLOSED
Fresh and fast Asian food in WeHo...
(reviewed 5/7/11)
Gaby's Mediterranean
Fast food, although not big on flavor.
(reviewed 3/30/09)
Super cool Los Feliz outdoor eatery (soy chicken on the menu!).
(reviewed 2/24/11)
Kingston Cafe
A Jamaican hidden gem...stellar food, service, and decor!
(As seen on Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares")
(reviewed 7/2/11)
Leaf Organics
Raw eats, cooked eats, all vegan eats in West LA.
(reviewed 8/7/11)
LA's famous martini bar actually has tasty vegetarian options...
(reviewed 4/20/11)
Lucifer's Pizza
Vegan pizza is hellishly delicious...
(reviewed 4/18/11)
Mondo Taco
What food trucks wish they could be.
(reviewed 12/28/12)
P.F. Chang's
Sodium content aside, one of my fav chains for veggies.
(reviewed 4/10/10)
Pepple's Donuts (Donut Farm)
Hidden Bay Area gem...vegan weekend brunch, and donuts!
(reviewed 11/26/11)
Rambutan Thai
Hidden-away Silver Lake gem.
(reviewed 4/12/10)
Indian fast food, the modern-casual way.
(reviewed 3/13/11)
Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill
Tofu at a Mexican joint? Yup!
(reviewed 2/20/11)
Sky's Gourmet Tacos
Mexican vegan/vegetarian food made with soul!
(reviewed 2/25/12)
Souley Vegan
Vegan soul food in Oakland!
(reviewed 4/16/11)
The Spanish Kitchen
West Hollywood trendy Mexican and fabulous happy hour...
(reviewed 10/23/10)
The Stand
Build-your-own veggie burgers...and beer.
(reviewed 6/15/10)
Streets of India Cafe
Indian cuisine with vegan meats, yum!
(reviewed 10/24/11)
Sweet E's Bake Shop
A whole line of vegan cupcakes, cake pops, and more!
(reviewed 4/3/11)
Tub's Fine Chili & Fancy Fixin's
Vegan chili, with vegetarian chili-inspired creations. Amazing!
(reviewed 6/19/11)
The Vegan Joint
Cute neighborhood vegan spot.
(reviewed 8/13/08)
Vicious Dogs
You'll never think of hot dogs the same way!
(updated! 7/14/10)
Whole Foods Market
Much more than a grocery store!
(updated! 11/11/10)