Food Trucks

(Prices featured on all reviews were valid for the time of the review. Current prices may vary.)

Buttermilk Truck
Artery-clogging deliciousness!
(reviewed 8/19/10)
Calbi BBQ
Mediocre Korean taco fusion
(updated! 6/15/10)
Eat Phamish
Best Vietnamese food truck in LA!
(reviewed 7/11/10)
The most amazing vegan chili cheese fries!
(reviewed 7/9/10)
Green Truck
100% green and sustainable...with vegan and vegetarian options!
(reviewed 8/17/10)
Komodo Truck
The most amazing tempeh tacos...
(reviewed 2/26/11)
Mandoline Grill
LA's only vegan-friendly Vietnamese truck!
(reviewed 3/18/11)
Nom Nom Truck
Vietnamese noms for your tummy.
(reviewed 2/21/10)
Vizzi Truck
Coastal-infused cuisine with yummy veg options.
(reviewed 3/17/11)