April 11, 2012


Update! (4/11/12) I've corrected all broken links with the exception of the following categories: Italian, Main Dish, Side Dish, and Soup/Stew. Thank you for your patience!

So it looks like Vegetarian Times, the magazine I've gotten most of the recipes on the site from, has revamped their website. And like a not-so-smart web redesign, they've changed the titles of each and every one of their recipe links. This means for me, and probably many other bloggers out there, that there are broken links galore running rampant through this site (probably around 400 recipes!).

I plan on fixing each and every one, but as you can probably imagine, that's not going to happen overnight. Please bear with me, and if you can't find a recipe, it's probably easiest to just do a search on the VT website.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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