April 3, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sweet E's Bake Shop

Sweet E's Bake Shop

Cute, whimsical, and always up on the latest baked goods trends, Sweet E's Bake Shop offers some truly delectable and sinful treats: mini cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, whoopie pies, chocolate-covered Oreos, and more (even doggie treats!). But it's not just another trendy bakery (and mobile truck!) hopping on the cupcake/cake pop wagon; they veganize most of their "regular" goodies, all of which are fully customizable!

Setting foot into the bubbly, girly-saturated pink-and-white bakery is like being transported into one of the rooms at the Willy Wonka factory, or at least some kind of boutique or baby store (and whaddya know, they sell clothing!). Really, the place is just so damn cute!

All of the goodies are on full display, with vegan items clearly separated and marked.

On any given day, there seems to be only a few of the vegan flavors that are actually in-store, but you can place an order ahead of time for exactly what you want...and they deliver (or ship)! Sweet E's would easily be the first place I'd recommend to anyone in LA looking for a customized vegan wedding cake or treats (I even stumbled upon a FREE in-store cake testing!)

Sweet E's Bake Shop
Red Velvet cupcake, $2

The classic red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting is veganized here SO well that it could easily fool non-vegans. The deep burgundy cake is tender and moist, although not really sweet on its own. However, when combined with the salty-sweet creamy cream cheese frosting? OMG, out of this world! And it really does taste like real cream cheese, with no hints of those faux tofu products or anything like that. You can definitely taste something like Earth Balance in the frosting, but it adds a delicious rich salty buttery flavor. Topped off with crunchy red sugar sprinkles, this cupcake is a sure winner.

Sweet E's Bake Shop
Chocolate Lover's cupcake, $2

Another amazing cupcake, this cupcake definitely lives up to its name. Like the red velvet, it can easily fool non-vegans. The frosting is soft and fluffy, super sweet and milk chocolatey, and suprisingly slightly salty (more Earth Balance at work?)...but the sweet-salty combo totally works. The actual dark chocolate cake by itself is a bit dry, but when paired with the frosting, it becomes a mouthful of creamy chocolatey deliciousness. And seriously, you probably could just eat the frosting plain and still be satisfied (or get it in a frosting cone!).

Sweet E's Bake Shop
Vanilla Vanilla cupcake, $2

Alas, there had to be one bad apple in the bunch. Unlike the other two cupcakes, this one was not a favorite. I'm not a huge fan of anything vanilla flavored to begin with because I think it doesn't have much of a taste other than "sweet." And that's what this cupcake was...sweet. The soft frosting had that same salty-sweet flavor, which was okay, but this seemed overly sweet compared to the other two. It's the cake, however, that I had the biggest problem with. It was a very strange texture: dense, cakey, sticky, pasty, and slightly chalky. Was it the flour used? Or some strange batter addition? It was also surprisingly heavy (not light and fluffy like the other two), and didn't have much vanilla flavor. Oh, and it was sweet, sweet, sweet. I don't think I'd get this one in the future.

Visit again? Hellllls yeah, especially since they're right up the street from me! Treats that everyone can enjoy, woo hoo! (Funny how I always go in for one or two things, and come out with about 10.)

Sweet E's Bake Shop
1417 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(323) 422-8885
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