February 26, 2011

Food Truck Review: Komodo

Komodo Truck

One of the more interesting taco-themed food trucks, Komodo only offers one main vegetarian option...but mmmm, it definitely makes them worth following. The menu is limited (especially for us veggies): tacos (which can also be made into burritos) or fries. They offer three decently valued combo meals, two of which include a drink.

Komodo Truck
Soi tacos, $3 each

WARNING: The menu advertises these as "vegetarian," but I've been told a couple different things. My first time ordering, I was told they're only vegetarian, as the peanut sauce served on them contains dairy. However when I Tweeted them some time later, the answer came back as vegan-confirmed. So vegans, take your chances.

That being said, the tacos are AH-MAY-ZING! A nice portion of Asian-inspired tempeh salad is served atop a double mini corn tortilla. Although my tortillas were cold and tough, that salad was incredible. It includes cubes of tempeh, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded lettuce, and peanuts, all tossed in a delicious light, sweet, creamy peanut sauce. There are even cute little crunchy onion crisps sprinkled on top. While there wasn't a ton of actual tempeh in the salad (it seemed to be mostly veggies and lettuce), I didn't feel slighted because it all tasted SO GOOD.

But now here comes more trickery...imagine my suprise (well, maybe not really) to find that the tempeh wasn't really tempeh at all. It was fried tofu! Still equally delicious, but I was wondering why I wasn't getting that sour nutty taste that's usually so distinctive with tempeh. But the tofu was well marinated and had great texture.

The tacos are light and fresh tasting, but still surprisingly hearty. About three of them will fill you up nicely...and don't forget that delicious side of sriracha!

Komodo Truck
Garlic Fries, $5

Sigh...when will [certain] food trucks learn to use fresh-cut fries? The difference really is quite obvious, and the flavor difference is astounding. Anyway, these standard fried-frozen-refried fries are tossed in garlic oil (as if fries need to be any greasier) and topped with Parmesan cheese. Interestingly enough, there wasn't a ton of garlic flavor, and there could have been way more Parmesan on top just to add more salty flavor. What was even more unfortunate was that they had a slight fishy flavor to them, probably from being fried in the same oil as their fried fish. Ehhhhhh, not cool (or appetizing).

I also asked for a side of the romesco sauce that comes with the meatballs on the menu, to which I was met with some hesitation. I had no problem paying extra for it, but I was initially told flat out "no, it only comes with the meatballs." The guy eventually folded after my tone probably started to sound a little bitchy (but seriously, what's the problem?), and I'm glad he did. The sauce isn't the best romesco I've had, but it was good, and it certainly served as a nice dipping sauce to the boring fries. The roasted red pepper flavor is strong, and it's sweet, super peppery, and garlicky, with possibly even a hint of balsamic. Yum!

Follow again? Yes, definitely for the soi tacos, but not for much else.

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  1. Oh my god, those garlic fries, YES! I've never thought to dip fries in Romesco, I bet that's awesome. Too bad the guy was kind of a dick about it!