May 6, 2010

Featherlight Scones

Featherlight Scones

This amazing baked delicacy truly lives up to its name...these scones are feather-light, tender, and moist, with a cripsy, flaky outside and warm, doughy inside. Once you get used to the extremely sticky dough texture during prep, they are very easy to make and require few staple ingredients. And yes, there are TWO WHOLE STICKS of butter in the recipe (Paula Deen, eat your heart out). I actually thought the recipe had a misprint, since there's no sugar included. Instead, the sweetness comes from vanilla yogurt (with a hint of vanilla extract), and that's it. So these aren't THE sweetest scones you'll ever have, but they're just sweet enough...and they're GOOD. One wedge is a pretty big serving, so they're rather filling...serve with a side of fruit for a quick and satisfying breakfast. Leftovers take on a sort of dense, biscuit-like quality...but they're good reheated, or split open, toasted, and spread with jam.

A few suggestions: First, try cutting the butter into smaller chunks before cutting into the flour mixture. Second, a thick wooden spoon is best for stirring the dough to make sure everything is equally incorporated. Third, the dough is gonna be VERY sticky, so make sure your kneading surface is VERY well floured.

Make again? Definitely. I actually think these are some of the best scones I've ever made; really, they taste like they're straight from a professional bakery (and I'm sure all that butter certainly helped).

Vegan variation: Use vegan butter, soy yogurt, egg replacer, and soy milk for brushing the tops.

Featherlight Scones
Taste of Home "Muffins and Quick Breads," 2008

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