October 6, 2009

Prosperous Black-Eyed Peas with Herbs and Vegetables

Propserous Black-Eyed Peas with Herbs and Vegetables

A hearty, heart- and tummy-warming, steaming melange of black-eyed peas, roasted veggies, and herbs, perfect for a cold fall or winter night! A relatively easy dish to make, with most of the time being consumed for veggie prep and simmering/roasting, this will surely make you a fan of each veggie included in this healthy stew. Dried black-eyed peas are simmered with garlic and lots of fresh thyme and rosemary, so you can imagine how great this smells while cooking. Meanwhile, carrots, parsnips, and rutabaga are oven roasted, bringing out their sweetness and crisping up the edges. These are added to the peas, along with sauteed red onion, and simmered until everything is nice and yummy. There are so many different flavors in this dish, but everything just comes together so well: the peas are earthy and rich, the parsnips (which I'm still not the biggest fan of) are slightly sweet and tangy, the carrots add more sweetness, and the rutabaga tastes just like turnip greens, which adds a mild bitterness that's a great complement to the sweet. A little lemon juice stirred in at the end adds just a hint of tanginess, and the herbal notes of thyme and rosemary give this a woodsy, fall-like flavor. So on those cold nights, wrap yourself in a blanket, take a mug of this with you, and indulge!

Make again? Yes. So glad winter is here!

Prosperous Black-Eyed Peas with Herbs and Vegetables
Vegetarian Times, January 2006

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