October 5, 2009

Lemon Yogurt Loaf

Lemon Yogurt Loaf

First, I'd like to say that this recipe as written is horribly described. Trying to blend dried apricots with lemon yogurt is the messiest, hardest, most frustrating thing you will ever do (unless of course, you've got one of those commercial-grade $400 blender/food processors). If you ever attempt to make this, make sure you try to dice (as finely as possible) those apricots! Otherwise, they will get stuck underneath the blades and nothing will blend. Anyway, this yogurt/apricot mixture was supposed to be a puree...but I'm not quite sure exactly what it was in the end.

Second, this was my first experience using self-rising flour (which is basically regular white flour with baking powder and salt added). I really had no idea how salty this stuff is, so I'm glad I was smart enough to use unsalted butter (which the recipe, of course, only lists as "butter").

So the finished product? A dense (almost dry), sort of sticky, lemon-flavored bread (with chunks of dried apricot here and there) that was sweet, tangy, and--strangely salty. Not to the point of being inedible, but it was certainly a strange flavor for a sweet baked good. Also, for something that needed over an hour of baking time, this just wasn't worth it! I opted out from using the glaze (a mixture of lemon yogurt and powdered sugar) for two reasons: one, the glaze didn't seem to set properly and was rather thin; and two, I didn't feel like waiting for the bread to completely cool before drizzling it on. Then again, maybe the glaze would have added enough super sweetness to combat the salt. Just a thought.

Make again? No, there are plenty of other lemon breads/cakes out there that are half the trouble (and salt!).

Lemon Yogurt Loaf
Taste of Home "Muffins and Quick Breads," 2008

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