March 3, 2009

Chocolate-Chile Mole Meringues

Chocolate-Chile Mole Meringues

Beware the spicy! That's the warning I gave to anyone before they took a bite. The first bit is fine: the texture is crispy, light, airy meringue on the outside, and dense, chewy fudginess on the inside; the subtle crunch of chopped pecans; the overwhelming chocolate flavor; the fragrance of the cinnamon; and the tiny hint of lime juice tanginess. Take another bite, and another...and suddenly the heat hits the back of your throat and tongue, and you're caught entirely off guard. Ancho chile powder is the culprit here. And while spiciness is not uncommon with chocolate pairings in Mexican cuisine, I would have to say the amount of heat in these cookies is more than "just a kick." In fact, I'd probably reduce the amount of chile powder by half next time, or maybe even omit it altogether.

But besides that ample warning, the cookies are delicious. The texture is what also surprised me. I figured the cookies would be "meringue" all the way through, but biting through that crisp outside to sink my teeth into chewy fudge was wonderful. The dusting of powdered sugar over these cookies makes them not only pretty, but adds some extra sweetness and cool for the palate.

Make again? Yes, but about 500 points lower on the Scoville scale.

Chocolate-Chile Mole Meringues
Vegetarian Times, November/December 2005

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