October 7, 2008

Apricot Candies (Apricotina)

Apricot Candies

On a mission to use up a bag of dried apricots, I came across this recipe for Turkish candies. I'm not really familiar with making candy, but at least there was none of that candy thermometer, hard-ball, soft-ball stuff to worry about. This recipe was pretty simple to make, but a pain in the butt to complete. Basically, chopped apricots (try to get the pieces as small as possible, I found they didn't really break down into a "puree" as the recipe said), sugar, butter, and orange flower water are cooked for about 20 minutes; then spread on a plate to cool; and then pieces are rolled into little balls and coated with chopped pistachios (again, try to get these as small as possible, maybe using a food processor). So the cooking part was easy, although you do need to watch it, as sugar burns easily...but the rolling part got old rather quickly. Also, my pistachios weren't sticking to the balls well enough.

But the taste? Ohhh, the taste is amazing. Sticky, sweet, buttery, rich, tangy, chewy, bon bon-like confections, with a slight orangey liqueur taste from the orange flower water. The pistachios add a nice crunch and earthy flavor, and I think the candies are actually better with them. I tried a couple before I'd rolled them in the nuts, and the flavor is just a lot more balanced and the candies are given more...character. (Try it, you'll see what I mean.) Also, these store well in the fridge in an airtight container.

Make again? Definitely. These would make a great after-dinner treat.

Apricot Candies (Apricotina)
Vegetarian Times, October 2005

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