August 7, 2008

Quick Curried Vegetables

Quick Curried Vegetables

With the exception of cutting up and measuring out all the veggies needed for this recipe, this was a quick and easy dish, something you could throw in a pot and forget about (well, at least for 15 minutes or so). This was much more flavorful than the last curry dish I made, with a nice rich curry sauce that had enough sweetness and tang at the same time, probably thanks to the added tomato paste. I also love peas in my curry, their buttery sweetness going so well with the spicy curry flavor.

Still, there is something missing from both of these curries, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Let's just say they are non-Indian person curries (not trying to be offensive). If I ordered a curried veggie dish from an actual Indian restaurant, I imagine it would taste totally different and much more spice-y. Ah well, maybe I should just go get an Indian cookbook and see how that goes.

Make again? Yes, good for leftovers...although it smelled up my fridge after I left the pot in there. Not a BAD smell...just very pungent.

Quick Curried Vegetables
Vegetarian Times, September 2005

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