July 16, 2008

Potatoes Tarka (Potatoes with Cumin Seeds)

Potatoes Tarka

This simple Indian dish of boiled potatoes is just that...simple. Still, I would not say this is anywhere close to being true Indian fare. I'm used to saucy, curried potatoes when I think of this cuisine, not potatoes so simply spiced and flavored. There is the perfect amount of salt and pepper, and the cumin seeds add a different twist that one wouldn't usually expect with potatoes. There was also a sort of sweetness present, maybe from the type of potatoes (baby red), maybe from the cumin seeds? Anyway, this is fine for a side dish, but you'd better have something else to go with it that's nice and flavorful to excite your taste buds.

Make again? It was cheap and easy, so maybe...with some chutney and curried tofu to go along with it. Mmmmm...

Potatoes Tarka (Potatoes with Cumin Seeds)
Vegetarian Times, September 2005

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