July 16, 2008

Orange Slices with Pistachios and Cardamom

Orange Slices with Pistachios and Cardamom

My first experience using orange flower water was...an interesting one. I went to my local BevMo to find it. It's similar to rosewater, which is traditionally used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking, and is basically orange blossom extract. Extracts can be very strong, and this is no different. Orange flower water has an alcoholic undertone, almost chemical-like. (You know how you can sort of taste what you smell? Well, it's sort of like "tasting" the smell of orange cleaner.) It isn't bad-tasting, but it's something that would probably be better used in a baked good and not a fresh syrup.

That being said, this dish was not bad. But be prepared: the strength of the orange flower water paired with such a strong spice as cardamom is not for the faint of palate. The actual sliced oranges were almost overtaken by this combination. I almost wonder if maybe some Grand Marnier would have stood in as a better substitute. Still, it was sweet and refreshing, and leftovers fared well.

Make again? Maybe. Now I need to find another use for orange flower water...

Orange Slices with Pistachios and Cardamom
Vegetarian Times, September 2005

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