May 25, 2008

Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burrito

These are best served hot, definitely eaten the same day. They make a delicious brunch dish, and would pair well with some whole-wheat toast and fresh fruit. Something about the texture of this dish didn't quite sit well with me. The eggs, although cooked long enough to be browned on top, were a bit...squishy. One recipe note: Remove the foil from the pan before baking.

Make again? I was wary to make the full recipe, which would allow me to have lunch or breakfast leftovers, because of the eggs. If anyone doesn't already know--any dish like this made with eggs should be eaten immediately and does not fare well the next day. IF I were to make these again, I would halve the recipe, or invite over a crowd. I may also omit the dill next time. Not one of my favorite herbs.

Breakfast Burritos
Vegetarian Times, May 2005


  1. ShaDonna Chambers5/27/08, 4:17 PM

    That looks good.

    You should provide us with the recipes, or a link, of where we can find how to make. This way we can try and then leave comments of our experience compared to yours.

  2. Oops! Actually, the post titles are the links. But I see how no one realizes this but me. Consider it fixed!